Spring 2023

EEL 4930/5934: Autonomous Robots: covers the theoretical and experimental fundamentals involved in the design and operation of autonomous robots and/or intelligent agents. The introductory discussions span over the subtopics of robot perception, planning, and control. Other major topics include robot part design, sensory integration, motion kinematics, simulation testing (ROS/ROS2), unmodeled environmental/social factors, and aspects of field deployment. In addition to the standard terrestrial robotic systems, it covers analogous topics and design choices for underwater robotics and aerial robotics as well. All the materials and homeworks of this course are developed based on the widely accepted practices of robotics technologies in the modern era.

Fall 2022

EEL 4745C: Microprocessor Applications 2: covers the basic concepts of RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) and provides hands-on knowledge of programming important RTOS components on a ARM cortex M4-based processors. Important topics are: multi-threaded programming, thread schedulers, inter-process communication, and synchronization/mutual exclusion via semaphores. Students also learn how to design embedded C software driver libraries for peripherals such as I2C RGB LEDs drivers and a resistive, pixel-based LCD touchscreen. In the later part of this course, students learn to interface a single-board mini computer in an embedded Linux environment to develop several embedded AI/IoT projects.